Northbank are working with young entrepreneur Tom Tigwell and his fledgling cold pressed juice enterprise: MissionJuice. Tom is on a mission to fight obesity by addressing a soft drink market saturated with sugary fruit juices. His range of 80% veg/herbs, 20% fruit juices are genuinely healthy, nutritionally beneficial and low in natural sugar. MissionJuice want to prove that by increasing vegetable content they can reduce sugar without compromising on taste. It works, they’re delicious. For every MissionJuice sold the company also make a contribution to projects fighting obesity related diseases. Northbank supported Tom with a simple logotype which appropriated the three dots over the letter i, colouring them to match the traffic light hue of the three juices. A fourth recipe may follow, which is fine as we can reinstate the dot over the j, but Tom isn’t allowed to produce any more varieties after that!



missionjuice-02 missionjuice-03 missionjuice-04 missionjuice-05 missionjuice-06 missionjuice-07 missionjuice-08 missionjuice-09